“I would like to highly recommend Golden Angels Kennels if you are looking for a reputable breeder of Golden Retriever Dogs. This past December’ 2006 I was able to acquire three GR puppies from breeder Donna Vincent for the Jim Click family in Tucson.

I am currently training each of these puppies and have discovered that these pups are the typical high standard of intelligence and gentle temperament one would seek in an excellent family dog. Donna was selected during a four state search and I am very happy with the results. As a professional dog trainer, I highly recommend you contact this kennel.”

John D Sainz
Director of Training, Centurion Kennels, LLC


“He loves being up on the bed!!! and after eating breakfast, peeing/pooping, he will disappear into the bedroom and bark for someone to lift him up there.  Pretty cute now…

All in all, we are crazy about him……….when we first took Wilson to the vet the day we picked him up, we showed him all the paperwork on him and I have to tell you, he was most impressed!  Of course, he thinks Willy is beautiful, but he said that all of the testing you have done and the thoroughness of your breeding is very unusual.  We gave him your card because he has a 13 yr old golden and will probably be giving you a ring in the next few years!  He gave it to one of his clients as well.  It’s funny, our neighbors went to dinner recently, ran into the vet, and ended up talking with him.  He didn’t know we were neighbors and he went on and on about you guys to them about Wilson.”

-Ron and Lisa C.


“Here are the pictures I promised you of Kode…….He’s such a blessing, and he’s so smart.  He’s almost done with his 2nd level of training, and he already knows how to sit, lie down, stay, wait, leave it, drop it bring it, bow, wave, hi-5, retrieve, turn on/off lights, and shut drawers and cabinets.  We are thrilled to death.”

Thanks again for allowing him to be a part of our family.  He’s awesome.

I’ll send more later,


“….I am loving every minute with Izzy.  She is such a sweetheart and very affectionate.  I take her to school with me quite often and my whole staff and the kids love her and she loves every minute of being there with them…..I so enjoy her company and I just wanted to thank you for letting me become part of her life. I have attached a recent picture to let you know that she is growing into a pretty little girl.”



“I just wanted to drop you a letter, and send you a picture of Mr. Murphy. I just got his yearly check up….and My Vet loves him so much he was wondering if or when you plan another litter. I also sent someone else your way who sees pictures of Murphy in my office and now wants a golden. Thanks for such a wonderful companion. He is so loved by me and my family……”

Best Regards,
Vicki R.

“YAY!!! More puppies!!!! I’m sure they are absolutely GORGEOUS. I will pass the word along to anyone and everyone. I will say that Mai has been the best money I have ever spent. She is just the pride and joy of my heart. Always happy, always playful, always curious. She loves to swim – this summer she spent half her days in the pool. We finally just left the gate open to the pool so she could take a dip whenever she wanted to! She would stand at the gate and whine until we let her in, so we just decided it was better to let her go for it and let her be happy. And when the kids were in there with her…. she had so much fun “rescuing” them!!! LOL We go for walks at night in the neighborhood and we take her to the park to watch the kids’ soccer games when we can. She loves children and she loves other dogs. She prefers to sleep with me in my bed at night and she follows me around and rarely leaves my side when I’m at home. I bought her for my son, but I think she’s picked me as “mom.” She’s so cute when her whole body wags, not just her tail, when I come home at night…..she’s the best dog and we love her!!! I most certainly recommend Donna’s Angels!!! :o) Congratulations on your new puppies! And we may be back for another one someday!!!……”

All our love,
Chris, Jerry, and Mai


“I just wanted to let you know that we are loving our new little girl.  We named her Cassin.  Last winter we had Cassin’s sparrows winter in our cactus garden.  It was a first time record for us.  So we named her in honor of the sparrows.
She went to the vet on Wednesday morning, and weighed 11 1/2 pounds.  She is in excellent health, and the vet said she was one beautiful dog.”

-Joyce S.


“Hello!  As you may know, one of your litters from 2005 recently turned 2!  Oh, how time flies!
I wanted to let you know that Jackson is doing excellent.  He is a very robust, energetic, mischievous, and loving dog….He loves his daily walks and to play ball.  He also can barely contain himself when he knows he is going to get to go on a car ride to Pinetop, Az.  He has definitely taken a liking to swimming in the lakes and chasing ducks and fish.  He has a shoe fetish that we have yet to break…although, we don’t really mind.  He picks up shoes and carries them around, hoping someone will chase him.  He has also become very close to my other golden.  They sleep together at night and play all day.  We can’t take one somewhere without the other having a total fit.  I can’t thank you enough for providing me with such a healthy and happy dog.  He really has added a lot to our family!  I hope in the future I can have the pleasure of bring another one of your puppies into my home.”

– Amanda


God bless you both for your hard work and dedication to this breed. Donna, just by talking to you I could see how passionate you were about your puppies and dogs. I am so glad that they have such a responsible mother to look after them. You really care about the puppies and the dogs and their health. I will recommend you to others that are looking for this breed of dog.

-Sheila Ayrom


Hey Donna! I took my puppy on a road trip to pick up my family and go to the Grand Canyon. It was our last weekend in Arizona. Getting ready for the big move back east. Thanks you for such a wonderful puppy! I’ve recommended you to a lot of my friends who are interested! I couldn’t be happier with my sweet girl!